10 Easy Steps To Increase Your Confidence, Creativity and Cash In The Attention Economy

How might you be progressively imaginative? How might you transform inventive thoughts into money. Need to be better at inventive reasoning?

In Australia right now we are praising the Australian Innovation Festival.

This years topic is Innovation and You.

The celebration was set up to praise the best in Australian advancement.

As indicated by the official pamphlet advancement can be characterized as “a procedure that moves thoughts through business action into saleable products, procedures and administrations”.

I have been glad to exhibit a scope of courses as a component of the celebration and go to the official dispatch.

I was inspired by visitor speaker, John Howkins who is a main figure in worldwide correspondences, media and diversion. I’m at present perusing his weighty book The Creative Economy.

As I sat, tuned in and after that thought about his introduction, here is my examination refined down into my Top 10 Tips:

  • Make a Confidence Culture.

Try not to depend just without anyone else singular ability to have and actualize thoughts. When you have thoughts you have to persuade individuals to put resources into those thoughts. This depends on your certainty and capacity to induce individuals to transform a fantasy into the real world. In case you’re not positive about your thought how might you persuade others to contribute time, cash and assets in it?

  • Sit and Think and Look and Question.

The best responses to issues are understood by perception, investigation and knowledge. Invest significant time to rehearse these time and again lost abilities. Acknowledge time taking a shot at your own. As Dr Karl Kruszelnicki says in his IQ contextual analysis on Nobel Prize Winners (who by the way have typical IQs around the 120 imprint), “its not the appropriate responses that get you to the blue lobby, however the inquiries!”

  • Disposition.

Thoughts are accessible to anybody. All you need is your cerebrum since it is comprised of recognitions and recollections which structure acquired thoughts. Put the need on thoughts instead of information. In our majority rule and populist social orders, we’re seeing the ascent of the person. Be a person to emerge from the group and support your uniqueness, yet additionally be a cooperative person. This one of a kind blend is fundamental for progress.

It is a philosophy I live by. Encircled holding tight the divider in my office in an unmistakable position is a blurb with my logo and this message:

“OUR CORE VALUES. The accompanying qualities are effectively cultivated, urged and fundamental to the manner in which we work together:





Have a frame of mind, live it and be steady.

  • Be Competitive and Tough.

The hindrances of passage for new thoughts are amazingly low, even non-existent. You have to beat your opposition and get licenses, copyright, trademarks and other licensed innovation laws that ensure thoughts. What business is about, isn’t the innovation, however about thoughts and the application and security of thoughts.

Howkins looks at the instances of two splendid men, Microsoft originator Bill Gates and innovator of the Internet, Tim Berners-Lee. Entryways ensured his thought and is currently the wealthiest man on earth. Berners-Lee didn’t but then his creation has changed the manner in which we convey.

  • The Ability To Change People’s Mind.

Being a piece of the inventive economy is tied in with altering individuals’ perspectives. On the off chance that you need your plans to be paid attention to, you need remarkable influence and impact aptitudes.

  • Adapt Endlessly.

Thoughts are tied in with improving. Obtain. Enhance. In wonderful Perth where I live, just as the minimal effort of living, shocking way of life and incredible climate – we have another bit of leeway. I consider it the detachment, thoughts and advancement factor. We live in the most segregated city on the planet and this is both a negative and positive. The positive is remoteness breeds inventiveness. When you quit learning, you quit being imaginative.

  • Exceed expectations In The Attention Economy

We currently live in an economy where inventiveness, the media and amusement command. It saturates each wrinkle, crease and crevice in our lives. Figure out how to exceed expectations in this economy. Comprehend the weights and the standards of living in this age.

I call this when the Three C’s of Change are on the expansion:


Mess, and


Disorder – Our lives are getting busier and busier and increasingly more disorganized as we filter through the majority of data coming at us.

Mess – This mass of data is getting held up, similar to grains of sand in an hourglass, and the sheer volume is jumbling up our lives and basic leadership forms.

Rivalry – It is an undeniably aggressive commercial center now, with me also marks, see me brands, and worldwide brands overwhelming the commercial center. It is progressively hard to be genuinely remarkable and champion from the group.

  • To Make A Mistake Is Not To Fail.

There’s a notable saying along the lines of “a slip-up is just a mix-up in the event that you don’t gain from it”. The rate of disappointment is high inside an economy based on thoughts. That disappointment can be at an individual, organization or even Government approach level. Figure out how to manage disappointment and oversee it. Generally civil servants have focussed on strategy and organizations dodge hazard.

At the point when a senior official at the ABC, I constantly discovered this a test as a chief. A fragile exercise in careful control was required to urge inventiveness to make great projects from one perspective, while working inside a dinosaur-like, bureacratic, open administration culture where approach and procedure rule. I took in the most difficult way possible there is an unsteady connection between imagination, development and bureacracy. You can peruse a full article about these difficulties initially distributed in The West Australian paper in November 2000 here.

  • Assemble A Powerful Personal Brand.

How imaginative you are, regardless of whether your thoughts are acknowledged and how regularly you bomb will affect on your own character. Your character is the means by which others see you. Deal with these recognitions and fabricate a solid individual brand that is versatile, dependable and genuine.

  • Have Ideas, Make Fun, Make Money.

Thoughts are the cash and principles by which we gain admittance to capital. On the off chance that you have the correct thought, with the correct help, you can have a fabulous time and make a colossal measure of cash en route.

Thomas Murrell MBA CSP is a global business speaker, advisor and grant winning supporter. Media Motivators is his customary electronic magazine perused by 7,000 experts in 15 distinct nations.

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